QuickField webinar on May 19: Building thermal insulation simulation

Next week we will discuss how to perform theanalysis of the building thermal insulation. During this webinar we will demonstrate how to apply QuickField for the thermal simulation of window frames and thermal bridges and how to use automatic procedures to agree with ISO recommendations for equivalent thermal conductivity of the air gaps. ISO validation examples will be shown.

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QuickField is validated against ISO standards on thermal insulation

We added to our website the validation examples from ISO 10211:2007 (Thermal bridges in building construction), and ISO 10077-2:2012 (Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters). Calculation of the effective thermal conductivity of air gaps in door and window frames is automated using Excel spreadsheet. See


Free webinar on QuickField 6.1: Electrostatics with 3D CAD geometry import

Recently released QuickField version 6.1 brings new exciting possibilities of 3D geometry import from CAD systems in STEP format. Together with 3D Extrusion, introduced in the previous version 6.0 this allows performing much more detailed electrostatic analysis of complicated 3D problems.

At our next webinar, scheduled on January 27, we will we will show you various methods of setting up the 3D electrostatic problem in QuickField 6.1, defining the model geometry, finite element mesh generation, physical properties assignment, problem solution and the result display with colored surfaces, vector and scatter plots, cuts and other presentations.

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QuickField webinar program update: new video on circuit simulations is available

The latest addition to our webinar archive is  video recordings and examples related to the electric circuit simulation with QuickField, They demonstrate how to use the built-in QuickField capabilities for field and circuit simulation, and how to organize a co-simulation with the dedicated circuit simulator Ngspice.